Dress Regulations & Mobile Phone Use

At all SVGA events members must comply with the dress rules of the club that we are playing at.  In most cases the dress code can be found on the club’s website.  A link to each upcoming club’s website can be found on the SVGA 1golf website.

 Notwithstanding this, the minimum standard of dress at SVGA events is:  

  • Shirts: Collared shirts with sleeves. High crew neck collar shirts (with golf brand logo) are acceptable. Shirts of acceptable style must be tucked in at all times. 
  • Shorts/Trousers: Shorts & trousers must be tailored. Shorts should be knee length. 
    The following are not permitted: Elastic waist or draw string, jeans or cargo pants (unless bearing a golf brand logo). 
  • Socks: Short socks must be white and ankle length. Golf club or golf brand logos are acceptable. 
  • Shoes: Golf shoes with soft spikes are essential for play. In the clubhouse, boat shoes (with no socks) or walking shoes with socks are acceptable. Thongs, Crocs & sandals are not permitted.  

If a member would like a variation to these rules for medical reasons, the committee will consider a request accompanied by a doctor’s certificate.

Mobile Telephones

The use of mobile phones or other personal electronic devices on the golf course is only permitted:

  • To use the miscore app.
  • As a device for distance measurement.
  • In case of an emergency.

Other than outlined above, mobile phones and other electronic devices are not permitted for any other use. Members are required to verify particular host club policies before using mobile phones in the vicinity of the clubhouse.