SVGA 36 Hole Championship

Posted on: 25 August

The 2023 Championship were held at Cumberland on October 12th and Twin Creeks on October 19th.

To qualify members must have played at least 5 SVGA events in the previous 12 months not including tour events.
109 qualified members completed the challenging 2 days.
The overall winner of the John Newberry SVGA Championship Trophy was Vincent Loh with an aggregate total of 81.

The individual grade results were:

Grade A B C
Winner Michael  Mathews 79 John Rush 73 Vincent Loh 81
Runner Up Frederick Timbrell 72 Kevin Owen 71 John Speck 73 CB
Third Place Jeffrey   Mitchell 71 Brenton Price 70 Harry Beck 73


Ian Shoulder presenting the Championship Trophy to Vincent Loh

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