Regulations/Dress Rules

The SVGA has set its own dress regulations and these apply at all games irrespective of the Host Club rules. The rules are set to meet, or better, the standards required by all the Clubs included in the SVGA annual fixture program.

  • Shorts - tailored, with belt, to knee length (no elastic waist or cargo type shorts, no denim. Must finish above the knee)
  • Socks - predominantly white to at least 2cm above the ankles (no coloured bands or motifs)
  • Shirts - must have a collar, worn tucked into trousers or shorts. SVGA club shirts are available from the Captain (no advertising apart from makers name or golf club name)
  • Trousers - tailored type only with belt (no denim, cargo or draw string top)
  • Golf Shoes - only to be worn on course (soft spikes only)
  • Shoes for wear in clubhouse - dress or walking shoes (no sport shoes, runners, sand shoes, sandals. Socks must be worn with both shorts and trousers)