Programme of Games

SVGA  2017 Programme

January 3rd Tuesday NSW SGS

10th Tuesday NSW SGS

19th Thursday Manly 2 Tee

24th Tuesday Mona Vale 2 tee

31st Tuesday Pennant Hills 2 Tee

February 7th Tuesday Oatlands SGS

13th Monday Carnarvon SGS

20th Monday Kooindah Waters SGS

27th Monday Moore Park 2 Tee

March 7-9th
Hunter Valley

13th Monday Concord SGS

14th Tuesday AGM

20th Monday Cronulla 2 Tee

30th Thursday Ryde Parramatta 2 Tee

April 3rd Monday The Coast 2 Tee

13th Thursday Twin Creeks SGS

20th Thursday Cumberland 2 Tee

27th Thursday Magenta Shores SGS

May 2nd Tuesday Castle Hill 2 Tee

8th Monday Cronulla 2 Tee

16th Tuesday Riverside Oaks SGS

22nd Monday St Michaels SGS

June 1st Thursday Bonnie Doon 2 Tee

6th Tuesday Macquarie Links SGS

16th Friday Asquith 2 Tee

20th Tuesday Long Reef 2 tee

27th Tuesday Terrey Hills SGS

July 4th Tuesday Cromer 2 Tee

10th Monday Pymble 3 Tee

20th Thursday Ryde Parramatta 2 Tee

25th  Tuesday Glenmore 2 Tee

31st Monday Bayview 2 Tee


14th Monday Elanora 2 Tee

21st Monday The Ridge 2 Tee

28th Monday Camden Lakeside SGS

Sept 5th Tuesday Bankstown 2 Tee

11th Monday Cabramatta 2 tee

21st Thursday Monash SGS

25th Monday Muirfield 2 Tee

Oct 5th Thursday Killara 2 Tee 1st Round of Championship

10th Tuesday Liverpool SGS

19th Thursday Twin Creeks SGS 2nd Round of Championship

23rd Monday Windsor SGS

31st Tuesday
Long Reef
2 Tee

Nov 6th Monday Lynwood 2 Tee

13th Monday Elanora 2 Tee

23rd Thursday The Lakes SGS

28th Tuesday Dunheved 2 Tee

Dec 4th Monday Stonecutters SGS

11th Monday Stonecutters SGS

18th Monday  Stonecutters SGS